My Christmas Obsession

I am sure everyone here has Christmas traditions that they continue year after year. Either these have been pass down to you, you've passed them down or you've created them on your own.

I am no different. Other than some of these Christmas traditions have become obsessions! It's as if Christmas just isn't the same unless I have checked a few things off of my list.

For example, chocolate advent calendars.... I have no idea how to carry on in the month of December if I have not received my advent calendar. And part 2 of this obsession... I cannot buy it myself, therefore someone must remember to do this for me!

Hi my name is Amy and I am obsessed with chocolate advent calendars.

For the past 30 years of my life, my mother has gifted me chocolate advent calendars. A few years ago she was four days late in the delivery! I was devastated, disappointed, frustrated and truly thought, how could this be happening?!

Although my mom did pull through, the anxiety that soared through my body made me realize, this tradition has turned into a full fledged obsession.

I remember as a child I would receive the chocolate advent calendars from the dollar store. Those $1.00 calendars with chocolate that tasted like wax and were thinner then a loonie. These calendars used to do the trick. They would help me count down the days until Santa arrived. They would satisfy the tradition of eating chocolate everyday. They were what started the obsession.

As I have become older, and my palette more sophisticated (and my mom made the mistake of spoiling me once)... I now know that there is advent calendars made with REAL milk chocolate, luxurious chocolate and Canadian chocolate! What more could a girl want!?

Now I know that I am entering into a new decade, but this does not change the fact that a chocolate-a-day is any less important in the count down until Santa comes barreling down my non-existent chimney!

Morale of the story: The traditions you create today, may become the obsession of your adult children. Proceed with caution.


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