Working the Deep Lateral Rotators

The six Deep Lateral Rotors or six Deep Hip Muscles are a set of small individual muscles that work together to create dynamic and powerful movement. Often when we think of hip muscles, we think of the hip flexors and the glutes. However, as we know, there are many more muscles that participate in the movement of the hips.

The Deep Lateral rotators are deep inside the hip and they laterally rotate the leg in the hip joint. When the Deep Six work in conjunction with the other muscles, they also help to stabalize the hip; including the tailbone, pelvis and the femur while doing activities such as walking.

The Deep Six are beneath the Gluteus Maximus, typically one of the strongest muscles in the body, and they are often overshadowed by it. Learning how to activate the Deep Six can help those who 'clench their butt' or overuse their Glute Max.

There is also many lower body nerves that run through and around the Deep Six; therefore it is important to know how to properly activate and rehabilitate these muscles. oSciatica one of your issues, this may be the piece you are missing in your rehab efforts.

Try the following routine to free the gluteus maximus from the Deep Six and to directly stimulate the muscles. After completing this routine, feel the release of hip joint restrictions.

Assumption: Start on Right Side.

1. Place the ball under the sitbone. Roll all the way to the right of the sitbone until the ball rolls out into the hip joint. Move forward and backward to feel that the ball is in the groove between femur and pelvis.

2. Bend the right knee. Inhale and bring the knee toward the ceiling and left leg.

3. Exhale and lower the right knee to the ground.

4. Microshift the ball around the joint, pausing at each placement to lift and lower the knee.

5. When you reach the top of the joint, roll off the ball.

6. Repeat on left side.


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