Ha! Clever Guy! and...he's RIGHT! 

I met Jared in 2015 and started him on the journey of Body Rolling. Jared broke his back in a snowboarding accident and had been bed ridden for months after back surgery. Recovery was not an easy path and sitting still was not Jared's forte.

After a full recovery, Body Rolling was able to help Jared regain flexibility in his atrophied muscles as well as his back.

Jared obviously has a sense of adventure and was not afraid to 'try something new'! Starting Body Rolling in One-on-One Sessions and joining Group Workshops and Classes has facilitated in his quality of life through the good and the bad!

Now his day to day life includes copious amounts of biking (with pedals, not a motor), canoeing with his girlfriend, and hitting the slopes with his friends. Jared works hard as an electrician and is the epitome of 'work hard, play harder'.

I am so happy to have met Jared and happier that he allows me to help him further enjoy all the fun adventures he has planned! Thanks Jared for TRYING SOMETHING NEW!



Hi! My name is Michele and IT TAKES BALLS for me “To Speak Up”. 

I’ve been to yoga classes and to the gym with a hired trainer both of which I risked injury to myself rather than speaking up. Even when I knew better for my body, I would listen to the trainer and push myself more when asked. I was left with long term injuries that hindered my activities. I’ve exercised all my life and even taught as a Fitness Instructor years ago; I know my body! 

To be honest, I hated the first 5 weeks of the first Body Rolling series I ever did! It was like golfing, I thought, 'I am not old enough for this, I need more excitement!' Well, after the sessions continued and I began to learn how to relax and use the balls correctly…..not as easy as one might think…I started craving the need for stretching and lengthening my muscles. Once I learnt how to release the muscles efficiently I was able to create mobility and flexibility. I also learnt to listen to my body, and speak up about what I was feeling. It is empowering to understand how to fix yourself and to speak up to practitioners and professionals who work with you and on you. 


"I was introduced to body rolling this past winter. I was really curious how it worked, and I was amazed at the results! Playing soccer and doing martial arts over the years have taken a toll on my legs and lower back, but throughout the sessions with Amy, my legs and back feel much more loose and I have less knee pain.
I am completely relaxed when I leave a session and that carries on to the next day. Amy is such a friendly and fun person, she makes the experience a lot more enjoyable."

Randall Todd

Lynn Shabaga

'I was introduced to Body Rolling in January 2015 with Amy From-Playford. Immediately following my first session, my muscles felt relaxed and my blood circulation increased to promote healing in various parts of my anatomy.

Amy works along very closely ensuring her client's goals are identified and met at their pace. This isn't always the case when working with various practitioners. She ensures the atmosphere during your session is very relaxing which enables you to fully concentrate on 'your body'.

Believe me when I say "YOU are in great hands" when you work with Amy. Her caring dedication, experience and education to promote a health body, mind and soul are unique attributes she umbrellas you with. Your options are endless with Body Rolling from one on one to group sessions and you'll become part of a great network of friends. As well, there are so many techniques that you are always amazed how well you feel afterwards. 

NOW, get up off that couch and BODY ROLL.... you'll be hooked and your body will love you for it.'

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